Randall Munroe (xkcd) likes these

Mar 12, 2010   #XKCD  #Randall Munroe 

Recently, Randall Munroe held a guest week where some of his favourite cartoonists drew for him on xkcd. (RM was going through a family illness.) I love xkcd, so I got curious about what RM likes and decided to jot down links to all of them I could find. Here they are –

  1. xkcd – A tribute link to the ever brilliant RM.
  2. Zach Weiner – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
  3. Jeffrey Rowland – Overcompensating
  4. Bill Amend – Foxtrot
  5. David Troupes – Buttercup Festival
  6. Jeph Jacques – Questionable Content
  7. Ryan North – Dinosaur Comics
  8. E Horne and J Comeau – A Softer World
  9. Nicholas Gurewich – The Perry Bible Fellowship
  10. Kazu Kibuishi – Cooper
  11. Chris Onstad – Achewood
  12. David Malki – Wondermark
  13. Jessica Hagy – Indexed