Fun with nine nadais

May 22, 2013   #Tala Keeper  #Metronome 

Here’s something fun done in Tala Keeper - a walk through of Nine Nadais in one big 36 beat cycle. If you’re viewing this on your iOS device, tapping that link will open it in Tala Keeper. If not, the pattern will play in another browser window in the free HTML5 simulator.

Recite along

Try reciting the following sols along with Tala Keeper when playing this sequence -

/1 taam taam taam taam
/2 taka taka taka taka
/3 takiṭa takiṭa takiṭa takiṭa
/4 takadimi takadimi takadimi takadimi
/5 takatakiṭa takatakiṭa takatakiṭa takatakiṭa
/6 takiṭatakiṭa takiṭatakiṭa takiṭatakiṭa takiṭatakiṭa
/7 takadimitakiṭa takadimitakiṭa takadimitakiṭa takadimitakiṭa
/8 takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi
/9 takadimitakatakiṭa takadimitakatakiṭa takadimitakatakiṭa takadimitakatakiṭa

Alternative sols with kaarvais -

/1 taam taam taam taam
/2 taka taka taka taka
/3 takiṭa takiṭa takiṭa takiṭa
/4 takadimi takadimi takadimi takadimi
/5 ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta
/6 taamtataamta taamtataamta taamtataamta taamtataamta
/7 ta-dim-takiṭa ta-dim-takiṭa ta-dim-takiṭa ta-dim-takiṭa
/8 takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi takadimitakadimi
/9 ta-dim-ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta-dim-ta ta-dim-ta-dim-ta

How to make this pattern

  1. The base of the pattern is a simple 4-beat cycle with the ball bouncing “left-right-right-right” at 70bpm. So tap out that pattern and store it in the first memory location. Make sure that the chime is off and the nadai and kalai are neutral before storing. You’re now going to make 8 other variations of this with different nadai pulses and stitch them into a sequence.

  2. Now subdivide each beat into two by tapping the “×÷”, then tapping the pulse pad twice and finishing off with “÷”. Store this pattern in the second memory location.

  3. Do similar subdivisions for each of the nine nadais and store each in nine different memory locations.

Now you need to sequence all these nine pieces into a single pattern.

  1. “Recall” the first memory location - the base pattern.

  2. Tap “+”. Then recall the second memory location where you stored subdivisions of 2. Now the combined pattern will be 8 beats long, with the first 4 beats being the base pattern and the next 4 beats having subdivisions of 2.

  3. Tap “+” again, then recall the third memory location. Repeat this until you’ve covered all the nine nadais you’d stored away.

  4. Optionally turn on the “chime” now.

Note: I made the nadai patterns a bit more interesting than a plain “/N” subdivision by using pauses. To introduce a pause in the nadai pulse, just tap in the blank area (say, just above the “floor” line) instead of the pulse pad.

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