Talk: Mathemusicking with children

Mar 21, 2015   #Mathemusicking  #Mathematics  #Music  #Children  #Cognitive models 

I gave a talk titled “Mathemusicking with children: Doing math and music without telling them apart” at the C. R. Rao Advanced Institute for Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science on 14 March 2015, as part of a workshop on Math, music and nature.

Slides of my talk (PDF)

The talk was about the summer of 2014 workshop on music and math for children that I co-conducted along with Mrs. Usha Narasimhan, at Brhaddhvani, Chennai.

There was a request from the audience for the “Melakarta pathways” picture. Here is a PDF you can print out. There are exactly 72 ways to traverse from the S at the left to the S at the right. Each path you take corresponds to a scale of the Melakarta system.