Techie Kurals

Nov 26, 2022   #Tirukkural 

Kurals are posted in public transport in Chennai - trains as well as buses. When taking them pre-covid to work, I used to amuse myself by translating them into techie parlance. These are gathered from my tweets. Maybe I should expand the collection and maybe I will, but for now, here it is. I feel the fun of doing this is spoilt if I provide the actual translation in English too.

#TrainKural “avaiarindu aaraaindu solluga sollin thogaiarinda thooymai avar”

Translation: Those pure souls who know the value of words will not engage in what their forum considers to be trolling.

#TrainKural “kaana muyaleidha ambinil yaanai pizhaittha vel yendhal inidhu”

Translation: It is better to work with an investor who failed when funding a startup that ran against one of the FAANG than one that successfully funded a small productivity tool.

#TrainKural “Thondrin pugazhodu thondruga, ahdhilaar thondralin thondraamai nandru”

Translation: If you start a company, make it famous on social media, else it is better not to start the company at all.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “Karka kasadara, karppavai katra pin nirkka adharkku thaga”

Translation - Train your neural network on high quality data till your error rate is low, and then deploy it.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “nanmayum theemayum naadi nalam purinda thanmayaan aalappadum”

Translation - The engineer who understands both positive and negative impacts of his work on the world and seeks to amplify the positives is alone a qualified one.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “ullam udaimai udaimai poruludaimai nillaadhu neengividum”

Translation - In the long run those startups that empathize with their users will survive while those that live on venture capital alone will fade away.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “kaalam karudhi iruppar kalangaadu gnalam karudhupavar”

Translation - Those startups that are aware of the importance of timing and patience qualify to contemplate world domination.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “epporul yar yar vai ketpinum apporul meipporul kanbadaridu”

Translation - Whenever any value is received from any end point over the network, don’t trust it without sufficient validation.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “ozhukkatthin eythuvar menmai izhukkatthin eythuvar eythaappazhi”

Translation - Those who write clean code uplift everyone and those who do not , their eternal wrath attain.

#BusKuralOfTheDay “adakkam amararul uykkum adangaamai aarirul uyttuvidum”

Translation - Systems with minimal interfaces and abstractions are divine, whereas those that boast large interfaces lead to the darkness of entanglement hell.

#BusKuralOfTheDay selvathul selvam sevichelvam, achelvam selvathul ellaam thalai

Translation - Listening ability (the ear) belongs to the partially ordered set of all wealths, in which it is greater than every other member.